Which credit cards are accepted?

On the website of you can use the following credit cards:

Are credit card transactions secure?

All payment methods accepted on are absolutely safe and reliable.

Your card data and any transaction made will be protected and in no case shared by the seller.
The transaction will be made via a secure connection with SSL (Sevure Socket Layer) encryption.
All sensitive data will be sent via secure connection, thanks to the SSL certificate installed on this site.
Therefore, your personal data, including payment data, is safe.
will only receive confirmation of successful payment from your credit card company.

Why was my credit card refused?

Your card may be refused for various reasons.
The data required for payment does not match your card. Please check that there are no typographical errors.
You have exceeded your card limit. It is also possible that you have exceeded your credit limit. Your bank can give you all the necessary information about your card and payment options.
Your credit card has expired. By mistake you may be using an expired credit card: check the dates on the card carefully.

When will my credit card be charged?

The amount of your purchase will be charged to your credit card upon confirmation of your visit.
Depending on your agreement with the person who issued the card, you may receive a message confirming the booking of the charge immediately after completing the payment process.
The debit to your account will follow the time set by your manager. Contact your bank for more information.

Can I cancel a visit paid for by credit card?

Yes, if the booking of your visit has not yet been confirmed, you can request cancellation directly from the detail.
The bank will only authorize the debit of the amount relative to the payment made. If you change your mind and decide to cancel the visit or in any other case of termination of the contract, you will be asked to cancel the transaction and you will be refunded the amount committed. The release times depend exclusively on the banking system and can reach their scheduled expiration (24th day from the date of authorization).